Tour de France

Watching the last stage of this year's Tour de France and feeling ever bit as excited as when I was 7 years old watching my first Tour.



I remember when too much caffeine was considered cheating. This is just crazy! Curious how many competitive amateur cyclist are motor doping?



No Call + 70 degree Weather = Big Training Ride

It felt good to log in over a 100 miles today. Haven't done that in over 3 years and just decided today was going to be that day. Started with the FDR ride and was able to hang on much longer confirming my fitness is slowly improving. If all goes well I hope to be competitive come May.  Let's see how the legs feel tomorrow morning.


Bike Practice

4 days in a row of bike practice! Easily 3-4 years since I've had a 4 day block of training.  Legs are tired but definitely coming around. Hoping to be competitive in the Meridian practice races come April. Tonight was a high cadence workout maintaining 100 rpms for the majority of the ride.